Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations
  1. General:
    1. Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted against other courses
    2. In case of absence or planned leave, parents are required to intimate the Institute without fail
    3. It is compulsory for the students to attend all Online/Offline Test Papers
  2. Online Class:
    1. Proxy or any alternate attendance methods are strictly prohibited
    2. Students must join online class atleast 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time
    3. Students must mute the audio during class time and un-mute only for interactions or if demanded by the  trainer
    4. Students should never switch-off camera during the class hours and online test
    5. Students should not share or distribute any accessories issued by Institute with outsiders
  3. Mandatory prerequisites to attend online classes
    1. Broadband/High-speed Internet Connection
    2. Desktop/Laptop/Smart phone
    3. Headset and Microphone
    4. Private well-lit study desk/room at Home without hindrance 
  4. Access to Sreedhar's online learning platforms & digital study materials will be available only until the date of corresponding registered course examinations.
  5. Any study materials and accessories issued by the Institute; including but not limited to, Class Video Links, Notes, Tests, Digital Library, Login Access to our learning platforms, are sole property of the Institution and unauthorized distribution of the same via any media is illegal and considered a serious offense.
  6. All Rules and Regulations of the Institution are to be strictly followed; any violation of rules and regulations may result in expulsion from classes.